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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beer, anyone?

So lately, all I've been *really* craving is a good beer. Nothing like a Bud Light, or anything of the sort. I'm talking about those yummy beers that are causing me to begin salivating just with a glance/whiff of them:
Sam Adams
Anchor Steam
Bass Ale
Dogfish Head IPA
Killians Red
Long Trail IPA
Sierra Nevada

What sucks, is that these are mainly the beers that Mr. M drinks. I steal sips here and there, and I don't feel guilty about it. What I do feel guilty about is the fact that after a sip, I fantasize about chugging a few bottles of it. That's when I feel guilty. Then, that opens the floodgates to fantasies about getting a nice, neat Scotch upon delivering Lentil. Yup - you heard: I want a Scotch. Or maybe a bottle or two of a good red wine.

For the time being, I found two Non-Alkie beers that don't taste rancid to me: Clausthaler, and Kaliber.

All of this talk of good booze is killing me. I'm munching on my brekkie of Kashi cereal with fresh blueberries, and my all-important coffee. Fortunately, there isn't a bottle of Bailey's in our refrigerator.

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