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Monday, June 7, 2010


So beginning on Saturday, I've been feeling a few pains here and there in my crotch area. Sorry if this is TMI, but it hurts!

So I went to my trusty Bumpies....and Dr. Google...and looked in my MANY pregnancy books, and looked for some explanation before I called the OB freaking out...because I'm trying really hard to NOT be that "freak-out-type-parent". Apparently, Lentil may be kicking the top of my cervix...this is if Lentil is lying breech right now. Another explanation could also be that Lentil has not budged since that ultrasound back in April that showed a head lying smack on my cervix. Now that Lentil's the size of a CANTALOUPE, it's bound to be causing lots of pressure.

And yes. It hurts like a bitch.

So this is pretty funny, we had company over the weekend. We had two sets of friends on Friday night, Saturday my SIL came her with BIL and our niece. Sunday, two more sets of friends came over.

Apollo Puppy? Ecstatic. He stole the show - it was hilarious. Today, he was looking quite bewildered that there was nobody to play with him. And he loved our niece....who in turn, LOVED him; she couldn't stop squealing in joy. It was quite cute to watch a 6-month old sitting there, giggling and squealing while getting slobbered. Actually, it was hilarious. Then, Apollo decided he had enough.....and went to a corner and fell asleep. Our niece was left wondering what happened.

And today? Looks like Mr. M and I may be coming down with something. Our tummies have both felt quite uneasy all day. I actually upchucked my lunch, something that really upset me, since it was a cheese and tomato sammie.

Birthing classes. Must go look at, compare, and sign up for birthing classes.

And yes. I'm insanely all over the place. This is how I roll.

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