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Monday, June 14, 2010

Kick, kick, boing, boing

I'm at a point in this pregnancy that Lentil is actively using my organs as punching, elbowing and kicking bags....including the Nether Regions.

Last night, Lentil decided that it was time to continue the futbol matches that Mr. M and I have been watching since Saturday....from inside my tummy.

On Saturday, we saw the U.S. v. England match, and for the one goal that England did (might I say...quite amazingly within the first 4 bloody minutes of the match), Mr. M and I were really excited. I must say that we were both rooting for England, and were truly dissappointed at Mr. Green's gaffe.

We also happened to spend the day AND night with two good friends who were celebrating their anniversary. Very special indeed.

Anyway. Yesterday, I took Apollo for a Puppy Play Date at a local dogpark, and met one of my fellow bumpies - who happens to have a German shepherd also. They had a shitload of fun playing in the creek, chasing rocks and sticks; and Mummie had a blast talking to a new friend and her hubby.

Poor Mr. M. I'm pretty sure that he's now beginning to understand how your body changes with age. Yesterday, the poor thing had a hangover all day long...I think he mentioned this morning that his tummy was still bothering him. Thank goodness for the Tums that we ALWAYS keep in the house because of my own consistent and horrible heartburn that - yes, I'm still having.

The nice thing about this, though, is I quickly realized that going to bed a little earlier than our 10PM bedtime to just curl and read, is really nice. I think I'm going to suggest that we do that - at least a few nights a week.

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