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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holy crapola! Halfway there!


I am half-way through this pregnancy already! I seriously and honestly can't believe how bloody fast time has gone by. Everyone I know says pregnancy is a really loooong, booorring, tedious and difficult 9 months (well, 10, considering that you have 40 weeks - give or take a few days).

I totally beg to differ. I LOVE every minute. Ok. I lie...ALMOST every minute. I absolutely adore the fact that I can now feel Lentil a little bit. Not a lot - just enough to be able to tell that he/she's going to be a very active little bugger. I'll probably be that crazy lady you see on the street, yelling out "stay still, and stop kicking me!!". I LOVE the fact that I have a tummy.

I do not like the fact that I wake up in the mornings with excruciating back pain, because apparently, I roll onto my back in my sleep, causing pressure to be placed on my lumbar spine. Fortunately, this pain goes away within an hour of moving around. I really do not like how I have developed a very stinky body odor. Yuck.

Oh. And the carpal tunnel. That's lovely. If I keep my hands above a certain point, they go numb within 5 minutes. Luckily, it's pregnancy-induced, and will go away. So glad for the little things!

So. Ok. Asides from that, there's nothing much to report. I do feel kicks ever so often - not the kicks that you can feel from the outside (that should happen within a few weeks, now)...but the little "drags" of a little "something" I can only feel from the inside, and then my tummy gets really hard.

Mr. M is beginning to get excited about the tummy now. I guess it just took a bit longer because he wasn't experiencing the changes himself...but now he can feel the hardness of my tummy, and thinks I look more beautiful than ever.

Although...what does kind of hurt is that so far, nobody has mentioned anything about a baby shower to me. I know it's not my RIGHT to have one, but it would sure be nice to have one, since we're basically working on one income right now, and baby stuff is so damn expensive.

In other news..... 3 weeks, Lentil, if born, has a 50% chance of survival. In 6 weeks, I'm entering the THIRD TRIMESTRE. HOLY SHITBALLS OF FIRE. I seriously can't believe how fast time is going by. There are days where I'm not even sure if we will be good parents, if I will be able to breastfeed, if we can stick to our guns with the cloth diapering, if we can keep everything either home-made and/or organic, etc. It's definitely nerve-racking.

On Saturday, the weather was perfect, so Mr. M and I just sat outside the entire afternoon with Apollo on the deck. It was perfect. We ate watermelon, drank some beers (mine, of course, are the Clausthaler, non-alkie version!), and basically just sat. There was some good silence while watching Apollo explore the deck, there was some good conversation (we generally do have that), and laughter when Apollo tried jumping off the deck after a squirrel.

Mr. M was voicing some of his interal questions about Lentil...we were laughing that Lentil will have no arse (because Mommy has no arse), will be tall, since it generally runs in the families, and quite possibly have the brown eyes that are so dominant in my family, since that is the dominant gene.

'Twas an interesting conversation. We also finalized our list of 3 names for Girl Lentil, and 3 names for Boy Lentil.

One thing to scratch off the list. Names.

Now we need to research, choose and sign up for a birthing class so that we can start it next month. Oh my farking goodness.

July, August, September, October.

Are we ready for this?

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