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Friday, June 18, 2010

Football Match Within My Tummy

Last Saturday, we went to watch the U.S. vs. England football match (for you Gringos, SOCCER) at a IRISH pub (yeah, the irony, eh?) with some good friends. I think when I screamed for the ONE goal that England scored, Lentil got so excited, it's hard for him/her to calm down now.

I have a football match going on inside my tummy. Or at least it feels that way.

Sometimes, I actually say out loud "Lentil, stay still!"

Other times, it startles me so much, I cringe. Mr. M freaks out when I do that, though.

Yesterday, during our anatomy scan, Lentil was showing off for the ultrasound tech - wasn't staying still, kicked the crap out of me, and then decided to face my back.

The other night, while we were talking about money and baby stuff, Mr. M and I decided that it would be totally worth buying a crib off Craigslist if we could find one we both liked, was new enough, and the condition was great to good.

So, we present to you.... Lentil's room is still very much a disaster zone, but little by little...we need to buy a mattress for the crib, but we both like it. The tone of the wood is lighter than we'd like, but I have a feeling it will look just fine once everything is said and done.

Oh...and the beauty of this crib? We spent a whopping $50.00 on it. We could have spent $700.00 on the crib I fell in love with, but we didn't want to ask for help.

Ooooh. I almost forgot. How could I?

On Wednesday, we went to Layla's Falafel for some Shawarma. I had a massive craving for it, so we went.

Apparently, Lentil wasn't a big fan of the garlic yoghurt. I was up ALL night getting the shit kicked out of me, and the worst heartburn I've ever had. I almost died yesterday I was so tired...and then, for some reason I decided to watch the FIFA opening ceremony music videos, and ended up bawling.

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