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Friday, July 2, 2010

Random Ramblings

It's Friday...! Not that it means anything in particular to me, as I don't work, nor do I have any prospects at this point in time. But Mr. M does, and as of today, he is home-free until late August or early September.

Ah, the wonderful about being a teacher. Sure, you bust your ass throughout the school year planning lessons for 5 English classes, correcting 125 students' worth of also get to deal with 125 of O.P.C. For the uninitiated, OPC stands for Other People's Children.

These OPC are 13 years old. I commend Mr. M for his patience. I wouldn't have that...I think I'd last a month at his job before getting fired.

It's not that I'm afraid of the kids. I'm scared shitless of their PARENTS. To them, these kids are little angels who can do no wrong, or who simply don't have the time (or care enough) to spend some homework-time, or whatever, with their kids. Ohh....and then you have the parents who simply never say NO to their kids. Those are the best.

Anyway, among my other ramblings today, I have concluded that I'm done doing weekly update posts - I would much rather post when and if I feel like it.

And yes, you guessed right - I'm NOT in a good mood today for some reason.

I woke up to realize that our landlords had to, again, bring out our trashcan. I also realized that the recycling truck had come and gone when I saw our recycling bin on our porch - still filled with two weeks' worth of stuff.

As I was cleaning, I couldn't do anything without Apollo Puppy trailing behind me as though afraid I would disappear into thin air. It was very annoying; especially when I was vacuuming, when he decided that the vacuum was his (or my) enemy and hence had to attack it.

Then...after doing the dishes, sweeping and all that, I looked at the bathroom...only to realize that if I need something cleaned - I'm going to have to do it myself.

So yes, I cleaned the bathroom. Don't worry, I make sure that I use cleaners that won't do any harm to Lentil....but I still get yelled at. Mr. M tells me that he will take care of anything that needs to be cleaned with any sort of chemical. Too bad if I let him do it, the bathroom will get cleaned once every 2 months.



On to good stuff. Lentil, who becomes excruciatingly quiet in my tummy when Mr. M is around (does he have that much of a calming effect on me?), has been causing a ruckus in my tummy today - in fact, waking me up with a kick to my belly button so strong, it startled me awake.

I think we're lucky we can't see a foot indentation there. THAT would freak me out from here to Timbuktu.

This reminds me, besides all of my imagined attacks on my pregnant self today, I just couldn't stop thinking about how my sister in law hasn't wanted to partake in anything involved with this pregnancy.

I feel bad for Mr. M. Seriously, I do. Her and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but...hey, I don't see eye to eye with a lot of people - it's not a deal breaker to me. We're all adults, and entitled to our own opinions, no? Apparently, because we share different opinions, and she hasn't the manners to just listen and let it go, she can't be around's almost as though we're not important to her. She has other things going on in her life, that impede her from reaching out to us. My brother in law told Mr. M that they went ahead and bought us stuff for Lentil. I wanted to ring their necks for that. I don't WANT them involved in a material way - I want them involved in a personal, non-materialistic way. It's not that I'm not thankful for anything we have's that I would prefer them to not spend the money, and instead possibly spend time with us. I want my sister in law to be interested in our pregnancy journey - just as I was interested in hers.

I wonder if it is truly that difficult to not be self-absorbed and egotistical.

My mum and one of my brothers came into town for about 5 days last week. They stayed with us. Of course, they had stuff to do in NYC for two of those days, so I wasn't expecting a lot. Nonetheless, we managed to go to Ikea, spend time with Mr. M's dad and stepmum, as well as with his mum. On top of that, we did the dog park thing with Apollo Puppy, and then I dragged my mum to Target and Stew Leonard's.

Painfully absent during all of this was my sister in law.

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