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Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh, quiet, how I cherish thee....

For some oddball reason, I absolutely love the fact that I am home alone tonight, with nothing but the sound of ceiling fans, Apollo Puppy snoring next to me on the couch, and a few random street noises from passing cars.
Mr. M is in NYC tonight with some of his mates, living it up. I take it this will be his last boys' night out as a he's at Madison Square Garden, catching one of his favourite bands live: Iron Maiden.
Yup. You heard me: Iron Maiden. I am with a metal-head. Surprised, anyone? I surprised myself by falling for one. But seriously, it's one of the only things in our personalities that's a major difference.
What we have failed to disclose to most people, is that by the time Lentil is going to arrive, I will be a complete, 100% Mrs. M. We decided that my body will be holding Lentil hostage until I'm a married and honest woman.
The festivities will be held sometime in mid-August...and VERY small. Only family will be involved, since it is, afterall, a shotgun wedding.
I'm getting hitched in a shotgun wedding...who would of thought!?!?! Me, the consumate snob extraordinaire, who has done nothing but judge her own self for getting knocked up out of wedlock.
We're excited to do this, though. It's a step that would have been taken with or without the Lentil's imminent arrival, at some point in the near future - we just would have had an actual engagement, which would have been nice, but this is fine. We bought our rings, and I found and purchased my gown. It's beautiful. If it weren't for the possibility that Mr. M may see it, I would post it. are our rings! FYI, my center stone is NOT a diamond. It's a white sapphire, which is equally as beautiful and brilliant. Being about 1 and 3/8 of a carat in size, the stone would have cost us a mint had it been a diamond. The nice thing is, the rest of the ring and wedding band are real diamonds...small, which I love. This was both beautiful for me, and very cost-efficient. The beautiful part is, since we didn't get an actual engagement, I'm still getting my e-ring as part of my bridal set. I'm happy. Mr. M is happy that he didn't spend that much!

Mr. M's ring is a Tungsten with Carbon Fiber. He tried it on at a store when we went to get his size, and loved it. Now, I just hope we ordered the right size, since Tungsten's got a nasty reputation for running a bit large. This, too, was very economical. We loved our shopping experience...!So yes. Mr. M and I are really, super excited right now. Not only do we get to plan our nuptials in a very small, intimate and relaxed manner, but we're not spending a lot of money on it. Seriously. It's ONE DAY in our lives.
Onto other pressing matters. Lentil has been SUPER-active lately. This morning, we had our monthly check-up with the OB. He seriously said that he was truly impressed with my growth, and weight gain. My tummy is perfect, and he said I'm carrying beautifully.
Guess I was made to be a Mummie...Hmmm...But then, my bubble was burst. It took us a full 5 (yes, FIVE) minutes to find the heartbeat using the doppler. Not because it wasn't strong enough, which it was (ultimately), but because Lentil kept on kicking the doppler and the doctor's hand. The doctor told us that we have a VERY hyper baby. Great.
Anyway...Mr. M has to take a picture for me - I'm tired of the ones in front of the mirror.
Oh. And another thing: did I mention how much I'm loving the quiet tonight? A few little birdies told me that I should cherish nights like these, for they will be almost alien to us once Lentil is here.

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