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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smellies, diapers and puppies

So, Apollo Puppy REALLY stinks. He really needs a bath. However, our shower stall is tiny, imagine bathing a 120-pound dog in tiny-ass shower. Not a pretty thought - and may I even say we bring him to this self-serve doggie wash a few towns away and pay $20 to get him fresh and clean.

On another thought - we now have some clean laundry...about a week and a half worth of it. It's such a pain in the ass to do it, since we have to go to a laundrymat...ick. Then again, there are always loads of individuals to stare at because they just look like inbred morons that grew up too close to a nuclear power plant.

Exciting news, though! A former coworker of mine is also pregnant! I shall dub her, for blog purposes, NT. NT is a pretty cool chick, if I may say so myself. So, it's definitely great to go through pregnancy with someone I know! I'm excited for her...pretty neat.

Anyway, speaking of stinky...I really stink tonight. I wrote a letter to Gas, but it paid no mind to little ole me. Poor Mr. M...he's going to have plenty of bedtime stories to tell Baby M when he/she is old enough to appreciate some good fart jokes.

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