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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Babies and more babies

What's the difference between a baby and a babie?

Absolutely nothing, according to a recent poster on the website I frequent, The Bump. This girl, a child, made a post titled "Sex of Babie??".

Ummm....Ok, Mr. M DOES have a student by the name of Babie. However, I would hope that no other parents out there would willingly put their child through life having that kind of name.

If you click on this girl's profile, you can see her picture. A picture showing her EIGHT weeks, her tummy looks like she's TWENTY weeks. It's actually funny in its stupidity and obviousness that she was pushing her tummy out for the pic in her mirrow.

Ah. I did save the best for last: Her screenname...:::drum rolling:::

Her FULL name. Not her first (full) name. Her first name and surname.

You guessed it. She's 19. And yes, her spelling was atrocious.

Speaking of The Bump. There's this one Bumpie who'd I like to give some special thanks to. In honour of her privacy, I shall dub her the Future Mrs. T.

The Future Mrs. T is quite funny, and can keep me laughing all day long via instant messenger, with random comments that are just awesome. This Future Mrs. T is also the one who got me started on this blog thing - guys really owe her the ability to read about Mr. M and me via this blog. Last night, I read her blog from start to finish, and this morning was sore from laughing so hard. She's fucking hilarious.

Mr. M is asking me to turn off the computer...I think he wants to have some good monkey sex with the pregnant woman sitting next to him.

G'night ya'll!

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