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Saturday, March 20, 2010

In Two Weeks

Mr. M and I will be [really] spreading the news...I happen to have a huge ass family that's spread out all over the damn place. Mr. M has a slightly smaller family, and apparently, there is a lot of bad blood in his dad's family over something that happend fifteen years ago. His mother's side of the family is pretty limited, too, and again - a lot of complaints to be heard about Mr. M's aunt and uncle - who I find to be pretty neat and interesting people.

My mum's family is from all over - specifically, I have family in Japan, Minnesotta, California, North Dakota, New York, Missouri, Washington D.C., etc. I've lost track of them all, and barely know half of it. My dad's family is a wee bit easier to manage; the majority are in Colombia. I have a cousin in Montana, an aunt in Canada with one of my cousins, and uncle who splits his time between Colombia and Italy. Oh...and a few cousins in Missouri. Funny. My dad and his oldest brother ended up marrying to different women from St. Louis - then again, they both went to the same Uni. Go figure. There's some bad blood in my dad's family, I can't talk. I think this is where Mr. M would say to me "Pot, this is the kettle, you're black".

This thing is really hard to sit on - not sending a mass email to all friends and kind of torturous. Mr. M feels as though he might offend some friends for not telling them first, or offend some for telling them last, etc. Eh - oh well. I've told - ummmm....three of my closest friends, and my immediate family excluding the crazy (and UBER-judgemental) grandmother. Oh - and I've also told my job.

Mr. M has told two of his closest friends and his family. Well, the family that he speaks to. I'm still reeling from his sister's reaction, which wasn't the nicest.
So far, Mr. M's stepmom is the person most excited over this pregnancy. She loves to feel my [gassy] tummy to see if there's any sign of something growing or festering in there. She also bought Mr. M and me our first baby item: a really cute snuggley outfit in fleece with a monkey on it. I love it. I think I was only about 6 weeks pregnant at that point. Or 7 - not sure. Cool thing? I think my tummy actually started to pop out the other day. It's pretty interesting to try to suck my tummy and realize that I can't! So I have an excuse now to have a tummy!

Ah. two weeks, we'll be advising the whole world that my birth control fucked up, and now we're actually excitedly awaiting our first child. No more all night drinking binges for us - no more spending a shitload of money on music equipment, cellies, and definitely no more frivolous spending.

Mr. M and I think we're ready for this...and he's right - we do make a pretty good team. I yell at him, and he takes it in stride, and tries to figure out a solution to the reason behind the yelling. I love him for this. I love it that he hasn't a need to constantly talk; we're happy curled up in silence doing whatever (usually this involves two laptops being on...). I love him for his unending patience with my temper. And now that I have to pee again, I forgot what else I was going to say.


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