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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holy batman tummy!

Yes, I'm a total Baby Bump Attention Whore. I also came out of the closet on FB today. I couldn't help myself - it's April Fools, and I really wanted to see who believed me vs. who thought it was a prank!

Needless to say, so far...not a lot of posts yet...meh. Oh well. Tough cookies to everyone else. I'll also post weekly tummy pics for the above-stated reason.

I love this. I'm curled up in bed with Mr. M. Apollo Puppy is curled up on his little bed on the floor next to me. Mr. M's rubbing my back. I'm writing, and he's watching that Capitalism movie by Micheal Moore. This stuff kind of bores me - I mean, I deal with idiots throughout the day at work, and I listen to depressing news day in and day out...why perpetuate?

Anywaysss...I'm exhausted.

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