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Thursday, April 29, 2010

How in the world....?

Am I going to explain to a potential landlord that not only are Mr. M and I expecting a baby in October, have a HUGE dog....but hey, by the way, I just got fired from my job and who the hell is going to hire a pregnant woman?

Not fun. Monday morning, I dragged ass to work, died all day long from playing catch-up, returning phone calls, emails, etc., trying to breath, coughing, and basically making sure my voice didn't get lost for good.

Monday afternoon I got fired. Yup. Apparently, a few clients complained about my attidude; I was told my attitude sucks, and that they were going to have to let me go.

Mr. M is really worried now. How are we going to make ends meet? I have a hearing with the unemployment office, and hopefully, because there is no previous record of me being told my attitude sucks, I will be able to get some unemployment until I find a JOB. That would really help.

Unfortunately, my Jeep payment costs a grand total of $450 a month. This does not include petrol, and it definitely does not include auto insurance. Add about $300/month for petrol, and the insurance is roughly $150/month.

We definitely can't afford the car on his salary. Unfortunately, we can't get rid of it, either...for A LOT of reasons.

I'm not sure if I have an attitude problem, either. I may have a temper, but I've never told a client that she's not my only client, and neither have I told a client that had he been at a hearing, he would have known what had happened.

Firing a pregnant woman who's already showing her 4 months of pregnancy is heartless. Plain, old, heartless. A self-touted "family-oriented" firm. Right. I should have kept my old job, and sucked up my sometimes-3-hour commute...regardless of whether or not I was miserable with said commute. We would have ultimately moved closer.

Right now, I hate myself. I hate the fact that I'm pregnant. I'm also still VERY sick. I keep Mr. M up at night with my incessant coughing. And to top it off, I wish that he didn't have to worry about making ends meet right now without even a little of my salary in savings - which was what we were doing...saving most of my salary, so that I could stay home for a while with Lentil.

Now, I seriously don't know what we're going to do about money. Mr. M is a teacher...obviously, his salary isn't that great. I am hoping against all hopes that I can get unemployment - at least until Lentil is born - if I can't find a job. In the past four days since I was fired, I've sent out at least thirty (30) resumes. I've responded to Craigslist postings. I've signed up at four (4) temp. agencies.

Honestly. Firing a pregnant woman with no warning or notice?

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