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Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's Thursday

Yay for one more day left in my work week! And this will be a relatively long post, since I've been remiss in posting all week!

This week has been absolutely exhausting for me - I get home from work, and I type up some title search commitments for my old boss, who for masochistic reason, even though he can't afford my salary, still has the need to torture me by giving me some free-lance work.

But hey, I'm not complaining. A couple of extra bucks is a few extra bucks, no?

Asides from this, I do think that the lethal gas has possibly subsided a bit. In the past week, I have yet to sit in my car, making faces while the smell dissipates. I've noticed that I get some pretty weird expressions from on-lookers, while I bop away to my music with a funny look on my face - I think my face actually turns green.

On April Fools, we spread the news about the pregnancy via FB. I [mainly] wanted to see how many people thought I was joking. Nobody thought we were joking! I guess people know that I would never joke about such a thing. Good stuff.

Anyway. I cleared out my shelves tonight - by this, I mean I put my [tighter] winter shirts and sweaters, along with too-tight-pants that not even the Bella Band works with...all into one huge storage container.

Now, the shelves looks like this:

I have a deal with a fellow Bumpie that we'll both do our closets by Saturday morning. I have a lot of work ahead of me. This is what one half of my closet looks like:

Good thing the other half of the closet is actually organized. Although I can probably put away A LOT of stuff that won't fit me for a looong time to come.

Las Saturday, I made Mr. M go to BRU with me to do some registry stuff. Needless to say, we went a big trigger-happy. I still need to go through the print-out, and do more research. I bought Baby Bargains, and have been known to pull it out of my purse when I get bored. It's pretty good, actually. Very educational. But anyway...I THINK we decided on the stroller and carseat. More research needs to be done. I LOVE the Peg Perego Pliko. Mr. M thinks it's too much money. I told him that he's lucky I'm not asking for an Uppababy or Buggaboo. Those are awesome. The art of Strollering and Carseating has been mastered by those two.

By the way, people, in case you're wondering, we're not finding out the sex of Baby M. We want the can guess away with our Poll on here, but please don't try to tell us about the old wives' tails and whatnot due to the way I'm carrying, the small or large bump, my skin, how pretty I am, etc. I won't buy it, and if anything, it will put doubts in my mind as to the veracity of our decision to not find out the sex. For now, Little Lentil is just that - Little Lentil, and if you don't like that, call it Baby M.

Also, I've warned people that my blog is brutally honest. I got yelled at on Sunday morning by my mum at 9AM. She said that I need to watch my mouth, show respect for Baby M, and myself. The worst word I use is shit. Yes, I talk about sex. Only because I've been enjoying it so much - so much that I think pregnancy has turned me into a nympho. I must share the happy and nasty thoughts that cross my mind.

Think about it - how often will I be able to have an excuse for having no filter between my brain and my mouth? Not that often, trust me. Mr. M is all about keeping people happy and being diplomatic. EEEW.

Now...I'm tired. And I must pee again. Gnight.

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Mrs. Grant said...

I just did some organizing myself...a little nesting is always needed! Even though it wipes this momma out!