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Friday, April 23, 2010

Bad Little Lentil

Ok, so Mr. M and I went from doctor to doctor today.

To make a long story short, I've been coughing my brains out this week. Last night, during one of my many wake-ups to go pee, cough my head off, and basically toss and turn in misery while Mr. M tried to make me a little bit more comfortable.

I felt this pain going from my pelvic bone to my belly button. And it was a searing, stabbing pain. Seriously. I freaked out.

I already have some sort of OCD in that I ALWAYS check the TP for any hint or sign of bleeding when I go pee. It's something I honestly can't help. At fourteen weeks into it, I'd be a total basket case should something happen.

Anyway, back to my story.

When I phoned the doctor's office this morning to ask them about the cramping and to ask if there is anything else I can take for the cramping, they said that I should call my primary care doctor about that - and they would phone me back about the cramping.

Got an appointment with the PCP. Point one for me.

The OB's office calls me back and simply said "The doctor would like you to come in for an ultrasound today".

This, my friends, scared the living shit out of me.

We made it to my PCP's office. I was told that I have a combination of a cold, really bad allergies and a viral infection. Nothing can be done.

Is it time to kill me yet?

We head down towards the OB's office, with a brief stop to grab a sammy at the diner in town.

Once there, the ultrasound technician was great. She immediately put us at ease, the first question out of her mouth was "are you guys finding out the sex?"

Awesome. I mean, great. I love it that she asked us this because the last thing we want is some rogue technician not paying attention to our wishes for Lentil's sex to be a surprise. Or...someone who just doesn't care or forgets.

Seriously, though...we loved the experience we got today.

And this is what we got:

Little Lentil apparently is lying down headfirst - smack on top of my cervix. Not only that, but I have a low lying placenta, which basically means that it's covering the cervix opening. The doctor's not worried about it, generally, it will grow higher and move up as I progress - should be at a good spot in about six weeks. Yay.

But....c'mone, Little Lentil! Get your head up off my cervix! It hurts!

Also, from the ultrasound screen, we could tell that we have a VERY, VERY active little one baking in my oven. I am secretly hoping that once I can feel the movements, Lentil's not kicking my ass!

Anyway...was a bit excited to share this bit of information. Mr. M hasn't let me lift a finger since I've been pretty sick. I'm tired of staying in bed. Poor Apollo, Mummie is sick, and he wants to be on the bed with me, but Daddy won't let him.

Goodbye, folks...just wanted to share the new Lentil pic, and how shitty I feel right now.

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Mrs. Grant said...

Glad everything is ok!