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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I'm really trying to concentrate over here. Really - I promise, I'm trying my hardest.

It's tough! Mr. M and I are going to start looking at places to move to in June when our 'lease' is up. That is, if we want to play nicey-nice, and go till then - if not...we're getting the hell out of dodge next month.

I actually looked at a place during my lunch-time was advertised nicely, and the landlord seemed nice enough. But for some reason, the neighbourhood gave me the creeps, and the place itself looked like it could easily turn into Section 8 housing. Just kind of depressing, that's all.

Big waste of my lunch-hour....

On the other hand, so far, I've managed to put a dent into our night schedule for this week - we're looking at two places tomorrow, and one place so far on Thursday.

Last night, we actually realized that we may want to buy right now. Prices are still really low, the interest rates haven't skyrocketed back to 10% (right now, at about 5.15% or so) and we might as well take advantage of it while it lasts. Now, if we can come up with the down payment, that would be the best, right?

In the meantime, though, we'll rent. It's not as big of a waste of money if you realize that we would rather buy into an area with good schools (I refuse to pay for private school while I pay high property taxes), and an area I wouldn't be nervous with my children playing outside alone. Actually, we're not even sure we want to stay where we are - state of country-wise.

Onto Little Lentil matters.

I really am beginning to like my tummy. (I think) I'm finally starting to look pregnant, instead of as though I ate too much mashed-potato-and-bacon pizza with beer from Bar in New Haven.

Oops. Now that's what I want for dinner.


Did I mention that I love Bar in New Haven? Well, I do. And I LOVE their mashed-potato-and-bacon pizza. Their freshly-brewed beer is pretty awesome, too. Great - I have something to look forward to when Little Lentil is born!

Have you ever experienced "UNSOLICITED ADVICE"???? I do. All the bloody time. The latest is from the girl who replaced me at my old law firm when I got laid off (she was hired for WAY cheaper...grrr...oh well - you get what you pay for). She's like 4 years younger than me, and has a 2 year old, used an American for her green card, and her English is atrocious. She says things to me like "it's a marvelous time to go through", or "your life is definitely going to change forever". Really? I totally didn't realize that from now on, I have to stop being selfish (hold on...I don't think the memo got to someone I know - must forward it), and someone else's needs will come before my own for the next 18 years (at least).

So I did the easiest thing I could think of - with regards to this stupid little girl who liked to give me dumb advice. I simply clicked on her FB profile, scrolled down a bit, and left-clicked on the little line that says "remove from friends".

Yes. I defriended someone over unsolicited advice. She was annoying. She wasn't even my FRIEND. She had me on her friends list since she had TONS of [stupid] questions to ask me when she took over my old job. Mind you - I had a NEW job myself, and she was constantly emailing me and calling me.

I wish I could post some more Little Lentil-in-the-tummy pics, but I think I'm going to have to enlist someone's help. Mr. M doesn't particularly possess photographic skills, and the last one he took, was horrid. So I am currently taking applications for anyone willing to take weekly photos of my ever-growing tummy.

Anywho. I do think I should get going, as I'm super-busy...just having trouble concentrating.

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