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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Attention: Please read this one

Ok people.

I'm really upset right now - I have been for the past week. Maybe it's because I'm about to become a mother, or maybe it's the innate sense of fairness and justice that I still have in my somewhat young and innocent mind.

Phoebe Prince did not have to kill herself to prove a point. She did not have to hang herself so that some little bitches could get away with tormenting her not not only for a few days or weeks - but MONTHS on end.

My heart goes out to her family. I hope that someday, somehow, they receive the closure they will need to give them the strength to continue their daily lives after burying one of their children. That's got to be one of the hardest things to ever have to do. One should never have to bury their child. Seriously. I don't think I could do it.

Phoebe's parents *tried* to get school officials involved. To no avail. One of the bully's mother actually gave an interview saying "My daughter didn't do anything to cause this. They were just words, she never physically hurt her, and words don't hurt people, and this is how teenagers are". this lady on crack? She definitely doesn't deserve to be a parent, I'm very sorry. Her daughter's actions, in conjunction with others' words and actions, were the DIRECT CAUSE of a 15 year-old girl's suicide. Not accidental death. Not an ATTEMPT to commit suicide. Phoebe Prince succeeded in HANGING herself in her own closet just minutes after the latest episode of torment.

My heart also goes out to the individuals who witnessed this torment and could not - or would not - say a single word. "Why should I get involved", they probably asked themselves. Only after death, did they realize that they too had a hand in Phoebe's death.

I'm really proud of Mr. M. Today, as his English lesson, he spoke about bullying, its victims and what to do in case they saw an instance of this. He said he actually got a great response from his students on this subject.

What made this group of girls and two boys think that they had the right to continuously torment and harrass this girl? I feel bad for her - I've been in her shoes. New in a country, new in a school, away from old friends and family.

I've given this a lot of thought. I don't think that Phoebe should die in vain. Please, everyone and anyone who reads this article in my blog, try to put in your own two cents so that another child need not feel alone. Reach out to the children in your life, whether they be yours or other people's. Let people know that you care. Let them know that it's OK to report bullying. I know I am but just one small voice in the wilderness. So are you. And you. And you, and you. But together, we may be able to make a slight difference. I feel embarrassed to bring a child into a world that is cold and cruel - a world filled with children who think that they have the right to stalk, harrass, bully, torment ANYBODY else.

States must begin passing more stringent laws against bullying and harrassment. Our voices must be heard to make a difference.

What I plan on doing, is through this, if I get enough answers or emails on it, I will print it and send it with a letter to our Attorney General, local Congressperson and Senator.

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