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Monday, May 3, 2010

Good riddance!

Mr. M and I signed our new lease yesterday.

I had a job interview on Saturday. Part time job, but it was something to get me feeling as though I'm worth something. I'm sure I'll hear a yay or nay by the end of the week - hopefully. It does get quite boring sitting at home all day, especially since I have orders from the doctor to NOT do much walking and stuff.

It's fantastic. We can begin moving now - we have the keys. We're so excited to be moving into our second home together, and hopeful that this one will be our last until we buy a house.

We're actually more excited to be getting out of our current place than we care to describe. It's going to be a very nice, quiet change.

We did have a busy weekend. Yesterday, I almost died in the heat and humidity - but someone mentioned that I should just sit back and enjoy the belly in the summer; take advantage and drink lots of smoothies, eat lots of sorbets. Yummy!

Today, I started packing. I managed to pack away all the china, glassware, and some books. All of this before running out of boxes. Tomorrow, I'll take a break - Lentil's getting a little upset at at me for moving so much - feeling a lot of pressure in my tummy. I've got a plan to go to the dr.'s office in order to get a signature on some paperwork, and in the effort to take advantage of being in that area, I'm going to go visit my BFF, Mrs. C, and her two little girls. Yay!

On the tummy note: Lentil is going through a growth spurt, I think. I'll post some photos tomorrow.

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