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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Mess of Moving it's really only when you move that you realize how much shit you've accumulated in whatever time you've lived in a specific place.

Not only that, but yours truly forgot to call the electric company to have them turn on the power - a move that requires some technician to actually COME to your home in order to flip a switch.

And guess what? Unlike the cable guys, electric company techs don't work on weekends. GASP!!!

So, we did move everything except the bed and a few items we need/use on a daily basis to the new house. Well, most of it. We got the couch up the stairs to the second floor apartment we will now begin considering home, only to realize that we couldn't get it in unless we sawed it in half.

So, back around the boys go, back down the stairs, back to the moving truck with the couch.

Shit. Now we have to buy a new couch - and fast. My mum's coming to town in a few weeks, and she'll need somewhere to sleep!

Those who helped us move were my father and step-mum-in-law, my BFF's hubby, my step-MIL's son and his girlfriend, and Mr. M's friend, Ant. And they ALL had better and more important things to do, like write papers for school, get ready for a trip (leaving at 3:30AM this morning), prepare for today's baptism, sleep.

Absolutely fabulous, those people. Love them to pieces. We bought them lunch and beer, and then dinner and beer. After step-MIL and I ditched the boys and went to Marshalls' in search of a bathing suit for her upcoming vaction...we had a blast even though we were exhausted, and probably smelled from a mile away.



Here's last week's tummy photo.

I think I really need to start having Mr. M take the tummy photos. It's tough to take a good pic when in front of a tiny mirror.

Anyway...the move went well. Not done yet, as I stated...and yup. 'Twas my fault. LOL Oh well... the way. I am SORE. Sore and tired. But...

After tomorrow, we will be 100% in our new (QUIET) home. We're so happy about that.

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