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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tummy Week 16

Here is my tummy this past Tuesday:

I love it that Lentil's making a physical appearance.

But apparently, the heartburn came back - with a vengeance. I have also noticed ridges in my nails, when I've never had them before. Again, Lentil's stealing my nutrition.

Asides from that, things are looking up. I may have a job - went on an interview on Thursday, was "test-driven" on Friday, and will be test-driven again on Monday. Hopefully, I won't need unemployment, for which I have a hearing on Wednesday.

Ahh..hold on. On Tuesday, I managed to pick up a Pack 'n Play and a Peg Perego stroller from two people...I paid $40 and $25, respectively. They were set up all week here at home, but I forgot to take pics.

Score one for me!

So, playing with Mrs. C and the girls. The Chicken, as I call her, is 3. She's a spitball of energy. The Egg is 5 months old, and is such a cool baby.

And Mrs. well, Mrs. C. She's my best friend.

We had a blast. We went to Soup Alley (HEAVEN), went to the grocery store, all the time, Chicken is sitting in the cart, farting away. The Egg is sitting there, pooping. She had this super-duper concentrated expression on her face...that's how I know.

Afterwards, we just hung out. The Egg slept, and Mrs. C and I played outside with Chicken. She is such a goofball.

Last night, we went to visit some a childhood friend of Mr. M's, with his wife in their new home. We had so much fun, we had pizza, I drank lots of Clausthaler Non-alcoholic beer, and we laughed our asses off.

Mr. M and I spent the afternoon packing. I'm done. Gnight, y'all.

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