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Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's new?

So yeah.


I made a promise to myself that I'd try to write an entry a week. It's not as easy as it once was. But, here goes.

A few months ago, actually, in mid-December, I was at a routine visit with my doctor, when I happened to ask him if he knew which vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies caused what. My nail-beds were getting ucky, and my nail-moons were non-existant. He mentioned a lot of women suffer thyroid problems post-pregnancy, and that he would send out bloodwork.

About a week later, his office called me, saying that my thyroid levels were pretty high. I got sent to an endocrinologist, and for a thyroid ultrasound. Fun times.

I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease, and was placed on Methimazole. My eye doctor told me my eyes' diameter had increased. Yay. One of the side effects of this, is that your eyes bulge out. Pleasant, right?

I'm not sure which came first, the chicken or the egg. Since that initial order for bloodwork in December, I've lost about 30 pounds. Drastically. Despite being on medication now, I'm still losing weight at about 3-4 pounds a week. It's great that my pre-pregnancy pants now fit me again, but it's definitely not fun having to take a medication

What else is new?

The hubby's birthday was this past Monday. We went to a really nice steak house, and brought Alec with us. We love going out with him, since he's so good. Strangers will randomly walk up to our table, commenting on how much of a good little boy he is. So, Monday night was no different. Keith ordered some escargot for his appetizer, while I had some French onion was delicious! Alec decided to eat about half of Keith's escargot. I mean, I don't even eat the heck can I expect a 1.5 year old to eat it - and LIKE it??? I guess this proves that he's a really good eater...or at the very least that he's a piglet.

Alec is a little piglet. And, he also likes to drink Apollo's water.

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