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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little updates

Time flies. Especially when you're having a blast.

I think my last blog entry was about two or three months ago, and in this post, I lamented the state of the world. I still lament it. But I've learned that there are things that are so completely out of my control, and although it still bothers me, I can't let it really GET to me.

I have enough problems of my own, to worry about other people's problems.

But, I digress.

Alec is getting big. He will always be my Smallness, but he's definitely growing and developing, as he should be. At his 15 month appointment, Alec weighed 21 pounds, and was a bit over 28 inches tall. He is healthy, intelligent, funny and is just all around AWESOME.

At 17 months, Alec is doing the following:

1. He tortures the dog. He loves the dog. He pees on the poor dog. The dog takes it, because Alec feeds him from the table.
2. Walking/running from Point A to Point B.
3. Plays with the dog bowls. If Apollo is eating, Alec is sitting right there next to him, splashing around in the water bowl. I let him do it because Apollo doesn't mind it (not food aggressive), and because it seems like a senseless thing to fight him on.
4. Knows how to use the control remote, turn off/on the cable box, and 'talk' into a phone (it might also be the control remote).
5. Dances. Man, oh man, this boy has moves! The second he hears music, he shakes his little butt.
6. Talks. A LOT. Mainly, he talks to the dog, but he will talk to anyone who listens. I think the kid speaks Russian.
7. Breastfeeds. Still. A feat that I'm both proud of, and happy to do.

As for daycare, Alec loves it. The second we walk through the door at daycare in the morning, Mummie becomes chopped liver. I have to chase him down, grab him, and squeeze him very fast before he squiggles out of my arms. It makes me sad, but I realize that he truly loves it there, so the Mummie Guilt of having to work isn't as bad. Of course, I feel bad that I'm not there witnessing many of his 'firsts', but it's for the better. If it weren't for my job, we wouldn't be putting money into savings, we wouldn't be able to buy a house, and we surely would be slaves to penny-pinching.

We are buying a house. We're supposed to close on March 23rd, and we are so excited. The house is a major fixer-upper, having been vacant and bank-owned for at least a year, but...we got it for an amazing price, and it's in a great town. The schools are great, and we'll be back closer to my old stomping grounds - which makes me happy.

I will try to make time to blog more often. I miss it, and I truly enjoy having this outlet.

And? Here is Alec, in all his dog-bowl-splashing glory:

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