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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ummm, how do I say this?

I am now a married woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. Those who know me know that I don't have the patience to beat around the bush. So there. I said it.

It went very smoothly...ok. I walked down the aisle with my dad and forgot to bring my self-made bouquet. I was so nervous in the right-before moments, and during the ceremony, you could literally SEE my tummy moving because Lentil was kicking so hard. My heart was in my throat. But it was amazing. Seeing Mr. M's face when he saw me was absolutely priceless.

Unfortunately, this pregnant brain was having a tough time in the preceding days with organization and being-nice skills. Apparently, I was a complete Bridezilla the day of. My own mum got pissed at me - I don't blame her.

So. I'm officially a Mrs. now. We're so happy and excited, and it was absolutely fabulous to share this day with close-close family, and my two best friends who are like my family from here. The food was delicious. My dad devoured (I'm serious!) his filet mignon in about 5 minutes. He LOVED it! I do have to say, the food was amazing, asides from my Bridezilla episodes, I think everything went smoothly. The weather could have been a bit drier, as it was excruciatingly humid, something which attributed to my mood. After the ceremony, I tried (unsuccessfully, I admit) to sneak inside to cool down a bit, but the photographer (who was amazing!) kidnapped Mr. M and me to take photos. My mum wanted some by a tree - which, after much ado, did get done and I admit they came out beautiful - we had to take parents photos, and so forth.

One of my best friends mentioned to me (ok...I'll give you credit, Mrs. C!) that I needed to give the photographer a list of all photos I wanted (people-wise). She told me to do this about 2 weeks ago. She reminded me on Friday. I wanted nothing to do with it! I seriously wanted to wing the photography thing. Especially since it wasn't originally in the plan, and was thought of and finalized at 2 weeks prior to the wedding. I wanted to wing the photos. I wanted everything candid, and completely informal.

PSA: this, my dearies, does NOT work. Although I haven't seen the final product from the photographer, I completely forgot to ask for photos of my parents WITH Mr. M's parents! Not good. I think these would have been some pretty important pictures to have. Oops.

My fault.

Oh. And my dress! Had we done this 5 days later, I highly doubt it would have fit my tummy. It wasn't very comfortable, and I'm a little upset about it, but how could I know how fast Lentil would grow!?

Oh well. I'm a Mrs. now, and this is really what's important, no?

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Denise said...

Huge congratulations!!!