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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Countdowns, parties and travel

I have 77 days to go if Lentil decides to put in his/her appearance on our due date. I couldn't help but to post this picture - the little girl in it is my best friend's little girl...she's the light of my life!We really need to start doing the nursery. And in doing so, I've told Mr. M that we cannot accept that ugly chair that my sister in law thinks is OK to give to us. This chair I speak of, isn't even safe for a tilts, can squash tender little hands and feet underneath it....and it's FUGLY. It seriously looks like something a bear tried to eat and upchucked (pattern-wise).

In two weeks, Mr. M and I will be tying the knot. The event will be a small one, with only family members there - sorry to all of the friends we would otherwise LOVE to have there with us on this very important day in our lives. We will throw a nice get-together once Lentil arrives, and it will be a celebration of all things Life and Love.

Mr. M and I were in Canada last week visiting my aunt and uncle. We really had a blast. The Niagara Falls area is so pretty, and it was just simply so relaxing to be up there. Apollo Puppy came with us, and really made us proud. He behaved himself like the lover-puppy I always brag about to people. Being able to see my aunt, uncle, cousin with her two kids, my mum's best friend and my oldest (since birth!) friend with her new family; was wonderful. We saw Toronto, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, went to a winery and tasted some yummy wines, and Apollo Puppy made a new friend in my uncle! I devoured a Yogen Fruz frozen yoghurt (the closest one to where we are is in Philly) made with blueberry, blackberry and raspberry. I almost meowed with pleasure.

All in all, it was the perfect little getaway for us, we spent very little money, got away from everything and everyone for a few days, and we truly enjoyed our first vacation together. We also let it serve as a combination pre-honeymoon/babymoon. The driving was a bit tough, though. We made about 5 pee stops for me - not Apollo Puppy - before I realized that we were better off trying to stop on an hourly basis or something. Muuuch better. Driving is fun with Mr. M. He thinks my temper outbursts are he makes fun of them, while I yell at other drivers, he's sitting there laughing. Apollo Puppy...poor thing. He had to be given some Dramamine to knock him out for the trips because he was getting too excited and/or freaking out. Back to matters regarding Lentil. I still have some pretty nasty and obnoxious heartburn. I pee a lot - although I realize it's going to get worse. I'm getting kicked and jabbed quite often. Usually when I'm driving, hungry or have to pee. I think Lentil's in there going"Hmmm, Mummie has a full bladder...let's kick her and make her pee herself!". It's not very pleasant. My feet are beginning to swell. Not too bad, but still noticeable. At least my engagement ring still fits. I do think pregnancy has made my hair curlier than it usually is - making sure it doesn't frizz is annoying, though. Asides from that, I've been told by many that I look beautiful. Not sure if they mean it, but it definitely makes me feel better about myself. If I can get the favours for our wedding done, I can move on to more permanent crafty things. Such as the nursery. I am going to have a blast doing that.

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