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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For crap's sake, people!!

People can be really selfish and assuming sometimes, ya know? Mr. M and I tied the knot on August 15th, in front our family. Yes, yours truly did have her two best friends present with their families.


Mr. M had his sister with her little family, his parents, step-brother and step-sister with their respective significant others; as well as an aunt and an uncle.

I had my two (2) parents there. My father almost wasn't able to make it due to monetary constraints - his flight was booked less than 24 hours prior to him leaving to come here.

So, you see, when you think about it, I needed my little 'adoptive' family around me. I simply could not have done this without the help and support of my two best friends - two glorious women who have been there for me through both amazingly great, and dreadfully sad moments throughout the last eight (8) years of my life.

Some people were a bit upset that they weren't able to take the groom out for a last hurrah as a singleton. May they please also realize that the bride wasn't able to have a last little hurrah, either.

Our wedding was planned in four (4...yes...4) weeks. We put together the menu, made our own little invitations, made sure we had everything in four weeks. Yes, we had 20 people at our wedding - that didn't make it any less stressful to plan. Most weddings take an average of one to two years to plan.

Not to mention I made our wedding favours for the guests. From scratch. I also made my bouquet, as well as Mr. M's boutonniere, my own jewelry (and a matching necklace for the Flower Girl).

There was no time for a last singleton night out on the town with friends. There was no time for a bridal shower. Well, one of my two amazing women got us a delicious cake for while the manicures and pedicures were being done, and was able to snag balloons and a bottle of Champagne for this, as well. So, I guess it can be said that she treated it as a mini-shower. Unfortunately, the other amazing woman had to work - otherwise, she would have been there.

I guess what I don't understand is why can't people just be happy for us? That's the only thing we ask for. While some people have congratulated us, they gave us a guilt trip for not having 'allowed them' the time for some fun and games before we tied the knot...or for simply not including them in the celebration. Yes, we may have told some of our friends about our plans only a week or two in advance; but the majority of our friends didn't find out until after the fact.

I guess what we learned is that you can't make everybody happy. It's unfortunate - but true. Ultimately, we decided to do what was best for us, our individual situation, and given the time constraints, we luckily had an amazing wedding day. We were happy. It was our day.

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Denise said...

You know, a last celebration before tying the knot is entirely overrated. If they really cared about giving you a last celebration before baby arrives, maybe they should consider offering to give you a last night on the town before the baby is born. Because really, that is going to turn your life upside down more than any wedding could ;)

And lets be honest, the purpose of a wedding is not to have the showers and the parties (although they are incredibly fun) it is solidify your union, make sacred vows to each other and to be joined as one in front of your family and friends. It is a sacred event and anyone that even shows the slightest irritation that there were not more celebrations prior really needs to grow up.