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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's been a while...

It's been a long time since I've posted. I think the last time was for Mothers' Day.


There are rumours going around that Alec is going to be ONE the day after tomorrow.

I don't think they're true - Alec is still my Royal Tininess, and weighs 5 pounds.

OK. I lie. Yes, he's going to be one. I'm not exactly sure how much he's grown in the past year, but I can say that when he was 9 months old, he was weighing 17lbs12oz, and was measuring 27 inches. I'm estimating that's weighing about 20 or 21 pounds, maybe 30 inches. His Well Baby one-year appointment is on October 18th.

Here's the exciting part. Alec is now crawling around. I mean, errr...speed-crawling. He loves to 'chase' me all over the apartment, and he looks for Apollo. It's adorable...until he decides to pull Apollo's tail, ears and/or hair. Apollo isn't a big fan of it - he just gets up and walks away. Alec is cruising around the furniture, and pulling himself up on anything that will support him - or not. That's when he falls and hits his head....IN THE VERY SAME SPOT EVERY TIME. He has a perpetual bruise on the right side of his forehead.

The Smallness has 5 teeth. Two on the bottom, and 3 on the top. He now bites feet.

Another milestone: Alec fell out of our bed for the first time. EVER. He was nursing in bed (because we all know it's easier than actually waking up and sitting on the couch in the nursery), we both happened to fall asleep. I woke up when I felt him moving, and then BOOM! And then scream. Needless to say, I still feel horrible.

Oh. Speaking of nursing.

We're still going strong. After the battles I went through with getting Alec to latch, and then with my supply issues, Alec still enjoys nursing, and I love it, too. I figure I'll stop when he pushes me away - maybe through college?

I kid. I kid. I guess he'll wean himself little by little. When he does, though, it will make me a sad pickle. It's such a beautiful, easy and convenient way to feed him. I love our bonding time, and he likes being so close to mommy.

I've been back in the workforce now since June. I am enjoying working, being around other adults and feeling as though I'm contributing something to our household. Not to mention that my salary pays for daycare, as well putting money into savings so we can buy a house sometime in the near future.

The hubby has promised me that when we have a certain amount of money in savings, then we can start looking at houses. I can't wait! I told him I have two requirements: Central Air and a big kitchen. I'd love to have at least 3 bedrooms. I would like to have a large porch or a decent yard to be able sit and entertain outside. Apollo needs a good-sized yard. I'd also like to have 2 more kids, so 3-4 bedrooms is a must. Keith, on the other hand, only thinks about the size of the lot - he wants at least an acre. Oh well. He would do the yard work anyway.

Anyway, back to work, and I'll try to post more often.

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