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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hi there!

Time is definitely flying in our house. It seems as though just yesterday, we brought Alec home from the hospital and were doing our best to adapt, learn and deal with our new lifestyle as parents. One of my best friends just had baby almost three weeks ago, and even though she's larger than Alec was at this age, it's still hard to imagine him being so tiny! I mean, he's such a chunker, that his arms and legs are jam-packed with rolls!

I do think that we need to put a screeching halt to the clock. Alec is now eating solids; replacing a meal or two of breastmilk or formula with 'big-boy' food. This entirely still depends on his mood and temperament, since if his teeth are bothering him, he's too hungry or too tired, he will just sit in his highchair and scream. We're still at the point, though, where we're not pushing the solids. If he wants to eat, he eats - if he doesn't, he doesn't. Sometimes, he just wants to nurse, nurse, nurse. He's quite capable of munching on me for hours on end...especially when he just wants to be soothed.

Speaking of which, we all know that he's had this one tooth trying to come in for about four months. The damn thing receded into his gums again! For a long time, we could see a little white spot on his gum...but now, no more! Oh well. It will probably sprout completely overnight one of these nights. Not too worried.

Anyway, more to come in the next few days....there's a lot of stuff I want to write about, and pictures to post....I need a few hours to get this done!

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