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Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 6 Day 3

I finally decided to do one of these things...I figured it's a great way to share how I feel about all this - the physical changes and the emotional upheaval.
Mr. M and I found out that we were expecting about a week and a half ago, when I realized that i was peeing a little too often (I mean, how else can you explain having to pee every 10 minutes - unless you have an over-active kidney), and that my boobs were KILLING me. Seriously. They felt as though a bus hit them in a head-on collision.
Now, unless I screwed up and missed a pill or started the damn pack too late in my cycle, my birth control method sucked.
Fast forward to last Friday, when Mr. M and I had our very first prenatal check-up. We confirm that we were - at that point - almost 6 weeks pregnant.
I can't describe how we felt. We're finally at a point where we have realized that it happened - deal with it. We've only been together a year, and the most difficult part is realizing that life as we know it, will cease to exist come October 12, 2010; which, by the way, is our big estimated due date. But...we've gotten through some pretty tough things together this past year, so we're pretty sure that we can handle this one like champs.

While we were at dinner last night with my best friend and her two little girls, the oldest one piped up and said "Auntie Monkie has a baby in her tummy, and I think it is a girl". She's three. Going on twenty. Mr. M just looked at me and grinned - I couldn't help crying, it was just too cute.

I feel great now. My boobs still hurt, I'm still peeing like a racehorse every 10 minutes, and I'm so exhausted I could fall asleep while walking. But otherwise, nothing else has set in. Let's cross our fingers and hope it stays that way. I am bloated. And gassy. I can't describe the gas. It's HORRIBLE. Something out of this world. I'm going to kill everyone around me. So I wear my Be-Band over my work pants, since bloat and gas do not allow my pants to properly. I look like I'm 4 months pregnant, when I'm only just shy of 2. Mr. M has a lot to prepare for - but so do I.

But we're looking forward to doing this. Together.

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